“Turkey hit by the second earthquake in a week, triggering fears of tsunami along Mediterranean coast”

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey’s southern province of Antalya on Sunday, setting new fears for a country already struggling with a series of recent earthquakes. The earthquake was centered in the town of Gazipasa and was felt in neighboring provinces. There were no immediate reports of serious injuries or damage.

The quake comes just weeks after a powerful earthquake hit Turkey’s western province of Izmir, killing over 100 people and causing widespread damage. Turkey is located in a seismically active area known as the “Ring of Fire,” and is prone to earthquakes. The country has experienced several major earthquakes in the past, including a devastating earthquake in 1999 that killed over 17,000 people.

The Turkish government has faced criticism for its handling of the recent earthquakes, with many accusing it of failing to adequately prepare for and respond to the disasters. The country’s infrastructure has also been called into question, with reports of shoddy construction and poor building standards.

The latest earthquake is likely to increase pressure on the government to take action to improve the country’s infrastructure and emergency preparedness. The disaster also comes at a difficult time for Turkey, which is already grappling with a range of economic and political challenges. The situation highlights the importance of preparedness and effective disaster management in areas prone to natural disasters

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